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The perfect gift for Father's Day
[03 / 06 / 2013]

On the third Sunday in June we honour our fathers or father figures with cards and gifts on Father’s Day in order to show our appreciation.

 Dads are notoriously hard to buy for and we often play it safe with a “World’s Best Dad” mug or comedy socks. This year take a look at our handy facts and tips to help you choose the thoughtful gift your father deserves.

Where does Father’s Day come from?

Many believe that father’s Day originates from Pagan sun worship. Pagans believed in the sun as the “father” of the Earth and as Father’s day is close to the Pagan Summer Solstice many link the two. The idea to dedicate one day to our fathers comes from America, as one woman called Sonora Smart Dodd, inspired by the American Mother’s Day (of which has a different meaning) created a day just for dads that has been celebrated since 1910.


Show your appreciation to your dad

Father’s Day is not just about the gift; show your appreciation to your father by reading our handy hints and tips.


Homemade –Making something from scratch shows you have put extra thought and care into paying homage to your father. Try baking something tasty, his favourite cake or pie. Get the children to make their own cards using colourful card or use images of the kids to make your own piece of canvas art online for a gift he can cherish for a lifetime. Make a home video message from you and the children sending your love.


Experience Days –Many gift websites offer amazing experience days to really give your father something different. From driving in a Ferrari or a hot air balloon ride to tamer experiences such as wine tasting, these experiences will be something to remember.

Spa Treatments –We usually reserve spa treatments for mother’s day but these days spas are not just reserved for women. Check out spas online that offer great experiences for men such as massages for tired backs or sports lovers, new dads in particular might relish the chance to relax from the stresses of a new arrival.


Keep it Simple –Spending time with your father on Father’s Day is probably the best gift he can receive. Do simple activities such as going for a walk in the sunshine or have a nice lunch together to re-connect and make your dad feel loved.


Photography Gift ideas for Your Dad

Photography gifts are ideal for fathers that are hard to buy for. These sentimental and thoughtful gift ideas will be something your father can cherish for years to come.


Canvas Prints 

New Dad –Surprise a new father with canvas print of him and his new baby or of you as a family.

War Vet – Is your father a War Veteran or Ex-Army? Why not have one of his regiment pictures restored and put on to canvas for a truly sentimental and touching gift.  Check out our blog on photo restoration to see if you can have your image restored today.

Pet Lover – Does your father love his dog? Or miss a long since passed pet? Canvases of pets are a great idea for animal lovers to proudly display their beloved animals.

Loving Dad – Canvas prints of all the kids together is a great gift for a loving father. Choose great group images for him to display at home or in his office.

Sports Fan – Is your dad a crazy sports fan? Why not get him a canvas of his favourite sports star? Your mum might not be happy about it but your father will be thrilled to display his favourite racing driver on a dramatic canvas print.

Fisherman – Take a picture of your father fishing by his favourite lake, or blow up an old image on canvas of him proudly showing off his prized catch.

Keen Traveller –Use exciting cityscapes or beautiful landscapes or your father’s favourite destinations, the ultimate gift for a keen traveller.

Vintage Wall Art – Restore an image of your father’s hometown for a stylish yet sentimental gift.

Collage Art

Can’t choose between your images? Create a stunning collage of all the children or grandchildren to make something special for a great dad. Most websites will allow you to use up to 25 images for your photo print poster or canvas collage.

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