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Nếu tôi có triệu đóa hồng tôi sẽ tặng chúng hết cho mẹ vì hàng triệu thứ mẹ đã làm vì tôi.

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When I was a child!

These sunflowers will make your house brighter and warmer like your childhood. It will make your mother happier.
The bouquet has 12 sunflowers.

Let VnEshop rather say "I love you. You can use the services of VnEshop flowers and gifts online to send flowers everywhere. When you need to send flower and gifts to Vietnam if you're somewhere far away on the occasion of the holidays like Lunar New Year, Valentine , International Women, Vietnam Education, ... and birthday, opening, conferences, weddings, events.

Price:  $ 52.12

Status: In Stock

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